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obj viewer online with texture

JavaScript Branch: master. Find file. Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. Latest commit 5b May 23, Features Open 3ds, obj, stl and off files by file open or drag and drop.

Multiple file support. You can open or drag and drop the referenced files together. For example: Open the requested mtl file with an obj file. Open textures with 3ds file. Open files from location hash. Define file as a server url like this. Define file relative to the root folder like this. Define multiple files like this.

14 Best Free OBJ Viewer Software For Windows

Show basic information about the model and the meshes. Isolate a mesh by clicking the eye icon while pressing control key in the mesh list. Highlight a mesh by clicking it in the 3D model, or clicking the highlight icon in the mesh list.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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I am rather new to using blender, and I have run into a bit of a problem. My boss has been using a 3D scanner, and I am supposed to import the results of the scans.

obj viewer online with texture

I am able to import them into Blender, however there are no textures or materials. It just shows up as White. How do I import the textures onto the mesh?

Go to material, and activate "use nodes" then on "color", click and select "image texture" then at left of "open", click and select your texture then at right of "object mode" change viewport shading to "material" or "texture". Blender imports obj files with textures just fine with Blender Internal renderer as the active renderer. But importing obj files with texture while Cycles is the active renderer is currently not supported.

With Cycles you have to create a new material with your texture, as shown above by MCunha. The Obj file format is made of two files, not one. And the good news is Obj is a super simple file format in text form.

You can open the files in a text editor and edit them to your needs. No mtl file means no material and no texture available. And when you put your texture besides the obj file, then the texture gets usually loaded - when Blender Internal is the active renderer.

As told, Cycles is not supported at this point. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 5 months ago. Active 2 years, 10 months ago. Viewed 27k times. Josh Silveous 3, 4 4 gold badges 20 20 silver badges 50 50 bronze badges. Naushad Naushad 61 1 1 gold badge 1 1 silver badge 2 2 bronze badges. Or do you have vertexes with colours?

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Related: blender. Active Oldest Votes. MCunha MCunha 1, 4 4 silver badges 11 11 bronze badges. If it worked, accept the answer.

obj viewer online with texture

If your scanner has vertex colours instead of a texture, the process would be completely different. I suggest you, to remap your UV usually scanned objects have strange UV mapsand bake the texture to your new UVmap.

It is easier to then edit it in external software, like gimp or other, and reimport back. I've also made a video. So first idea is to check what renderer you use while trying to import the mesh. Then there was the file format itself.The Mesh Viewer is an easy to use lightweight application for displaying three dimensional models triangular meshes from a variety of file formats.

5 Online OBJ Viewer Free Websites

It uses OpenGL to render the models. The program was born under the need for quickly displaying reconstructed triangulated meshes. The Mesh Viewer is based on an idea and an early elementary implementation from Craig Robertson.

The current version has been developed by Helmut Cantzler and various contributors. Triangular meshes can be displayed texture mapped optional with bilinear filteringsolid or as a wire frame all lines or just the front lines.

The surface normals of the triangles can be displayed optionally. Loaded models can be rotated, translated and scaled all done with the mouse. The model is lighted by multiple light sources. Viewpoints can be saved. Screenshots of the model can be taken. A short description of the features and capabilities of some of the supported 3D formats can be found here. Mesh Viewer should compile and run under all Unix derivatives and Microsoft Windows.

Mesh Viewer requires a 3-button mouse or emulation in order to rotate left buttontranslate middle button and zoom right button the model.

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It is recommended to use a 3D acceleration graphics card for displaying models. This is specially important for displaying models with texture. Linux on i with nVidia 3D acceleration cards nVidia driver needed is supposed to work fine. Mesh Viewer can be built with the following three GUI libraries:. The model was reconstructed by Toby Breckon. This a destimated version of the Stanford bunny. The model was reconstructed by the Stanford Computer Graphics Laboratory.

The changelog can be found here. QT 3 Version: mview-win-qt QT 4 Version: mview-win-qt The project has a CVS repository, which can be examined via a web-based CVS repository viewer or checked out through anonymous pserver CVS with the following instruction set. When prompted for a password for anonymoussimply press the Enter key.

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Comments, suggestions or bugs can be sent to Helmut Cantzler or Toby Breckon. Qt 3 is an open-source cross-platform application development library. It is one of the cornerstones of the popular KDE 3 desktop environment.Let customers fully explore your products with 3d Viewer Online. Easy to implement in your e-commerce website. No skills required. No installation required.

Your files are private, shared only with who you want. All your data is processed with a bit secure encrypted connection. Personalise the viewer to match your company style. Use your logo, colors and customise the toolbar functions. Technology has transformed the way we work, and this is especially true for product development, architecture and many other areas who use 3D modelling as part of the design or development process.

Advances in software and hardware have enabled the use of advanced 3D models in all types of workflow, while the continued evolution of 3D printers, including 3D scanning, has brought the advantages of 3D models into homes and businesses all over the world. But with this increased use and popularity and adoption, new challenges have appeared. As useful as 3D models are, they tend to be software restricted, with no easy way to share, review and embed them, making workflow, collaboration and even client reporting a challenge.

We realized that this problem would stifle innovation and hold back adoption of new technologies, therefore we developed a 3D viewer to give anyone the ability to show and share 3D models without native software. Our solution is, like all good solutions, simple in concept, and that is a web platform that allows users to upload 3D models and share them through the 3D Viewer.

The platform can be embedded in websites or online catalogs, and can be viewed on any device. Even mobile devices can use the 3D Viewer and the suite of tools that come with it. The biggest challenge of selling anything online, from consumer electronics to B2B products, is that potential customers can not fully understand what they are buying.

Images and documents are extremely useful, but often not detailed enough, especially in the B2B sector where technical 3D models are very much appreciated. Having that in mind, the 3D Viewer was created to let people thoroughly inspect products with a set of easy and powerful tools, directly from any website.

obj viewer online with texture

Providing all the details your customers need with realistic 3D renderings, you will grow their confidence in your products and most importantly in your brand. The 3D Viewer can be easily added to any e-commerce platform, integrating seamlessly with your website layout. A wide range of features and customization options is available. The 3DVieweronline team is ready to help you through making the most out of every feature to create the most engaging 3D content.

Focus on generating value for your customers and let us handle the 3D visual management needs. Take a look at our API documentation for more information. You can also share the link of your drawing with your friends.

They will also be able to download it to their PCs. So, multiple useful features are provided by this website. The 3DViewer, which is integrated in our website, helps us to differentiate ourselves from other manufacturers and we have received many positive reactions from our customers so far! E-commerce solution Let customers fully explore your products with 3d Viewer Online Easy to implement in your e-commerce website No skills required. A 3D Viewer for everyone Technology has transformed the way we work, and this is especially true for product development, architecture and many other areas who use 3D modelling as part of the design or development process.

Boost your ROI The biggest challenge of selling anything online, from consumer electronics to B2B products, is that potential customers can not fully understand what they are buying. I love free software. Zemic Europe.Hi, guys. I tried to read. Please take a look of the following example code. After running the addTextureMesh function, I had the following messages.

Of course. I tested several. And I also tested in PCL version 1. Would anyone suggest me how to load obj file with texture in pcl? Thank you in advance. Expression:vector subscript out of range".

Search everywhere only in this topic. Advanced Search. Classic List Threaded. How to load obj with texture. Re: How to load obj with texture. RE: Re: How to load obj with texture.

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Two obj samples are attached. Would anyone please test the loadOBJFile function? If you have the same results, I think it should be reported as a bug. Moin Arne, klar, kann ich machen. This post has NOT been accepted by the mailing list yet. In reply to this post by junsmog.

Powerful 3D Viewer and Convertor - Free

The other is can i get the idea about how to get the. This post was updated on.

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What PCL version do you have? I tested it in PCL 1.Most of these free OBJ Viewer software let you view the information in Tree mode with their respective nodes for Vertices and Triangles, while some of them will display the same, simply on the interface.

I was able to view all the information related to OBJ files and also get multiple axis view at the same time. As soon as you open an OBJ file here, you can view the model at the left section of the interface and its detailed information at the right side. Each of these options will let you view the OBJ file according to their defined function. As this is a lightweight and easily understandable program, it can be tried for viewing purpose only.

Once an OBJ file is opened in this freeware, you can view the OBJ model in the main interface with its related details at the top left of the file display area.

While other OBJ viewers may display these information in form of a tree, this freeware displays them as a list for you, to get a simple but detailed view of OBJ models. As OBJ files are basically created as 3D triangular meshes, you can use this free 3D processor to view, edit, as well as create a new model from scratch. It has an interactive interface which you can easily understand and use to view OBJ files. One good feature of this free OBJ viewer software is that it supports multiple window view.

You can use them to edit and design OBJ files. For me, this freeware as an OBJ Viewer was a satisfactory one. You can surely try this free 3D model viewer software to view OBJ files. Blender is one of the free and popular 3D modelling software, which you can use as an OBJ Viewer software as well. This freeware is mainly used for creating and designing 3D models which can be used to make Animation movies, Archtechtural Designs, making Games, etc.

It offers dual mode: Object mode and Edit mode to view as well as Edit 3D models. All these tools are dispalyed as shorcut buttons in the interface for your ease. You can even take snapshots of the OBJ model while viewing it. This is a simple and basic 3D modelling program with which you can easily load and view OBJ files. Being a 3D app, it supports numerous features which you can use to view and design an OBJ model.

You can also view the measurements of a model in micrometers, millimeters, centimeters, meters, inches, or feet. As soon as you open an OBJ file, you can view the following information: Size as per X, Y and Z axis, number of vertices, and number of triangles.

You can also use Rotate option to rotate the model in any direction, and the same can be done by dragging the object with mouse. The loaded OBJ file is displayed with its size details on the right-bottom side.

Get the top, left, front, back, and axonometric view of a 3D model. You can even measure the length between various vertices with measuring tool.

You can easily import and view OBJ files with this freeware and edit it, if needed. It features numerous viewing tools change visibility, hide object browser, view wireframes, boundaries, and Grids. For me this freeware gave much each of use in viewing and editing my OBJ file. I am sure it will prove to be a good OBJ Viewer software for you too.

This freeware has simple and well organised interface which is quite easy to understand. With this free viewer, you can easily load an OBJ file and view its model and information. It displays the information of OBJ models in a Shell list tree view and you can view its number of triangles, extents, and textures.Here is a list of best free OBJ editor software for Windows. However, only a few software let you edit OBJ files. You also get various handy viewing tools in these like ZoomOrientationPanWireframe Viewetc.

Go through the list to find an OBJ editor software which meets your requirements. I also like its Viewing tools that allow you to closely view and analyze the 3D model of an OBJ file. It is a really good app to view and edit OBJ files. This app gives you complete control over the 3D model and lets you edit each and every aspect of the model without much effort.

3D Viewer Online

To perform editing, it provides four clearly defined tool sections namely InsertObjectEditand Paint. A direct option to 3D print your model is also available in it. Besides these editing features, a handy View section is also present in it. With the help of this section, you can view the wireframe of modelview model from different anglesturn on or off shadowsenable or disable reflectionetc.

In this software, you can easily import an OBJ file and edit the 3D model present in it. For editing, this software provides separate workbenches and each workbench is specifically designed to handle different types of designs like Ship DesigningPart DesigningMesh DesigningRobot DesigningRaytracingSurfaceand more.

You get different set of tools according to the type of workbench. You can access all the workbenches from the dedicated menu. To make precise changes in the 3D model, various measuring tools are also present in this software. Another good thing about this software is that it comes with a multi-window interface that enables you to view and edit multiple OBJ files at a time.

In general, it is a feature rich and very stable OBJ editor software. It is a simple and cleanly designed OBJ file editor that provides various viewing and editing tools. All the editing tools of this software can be accessed from its top toolbar.

To closely view the 3D model, you can use the side toolbar of this software. In general, it is a simple and well designed OBJ editor software. Note : This software is only free for non-commercial usage. To use its commercially, you need to purchase the paid version of this software. It is mainly a 3D model creation and editing software. Selection tools let you erasefillre-meshextractbridgejoinand separate the selections. These tools let you mirrorduplicatetransformalignplane cutmake solidhollowmake sliceadd tubeand unwrap.

The sculpt tools allow you to make changes on the surface design of the model. All of these tools can easily be operated with the help of the mouse. Blender is a free open source 3D object creation software for Windows. With the help of this software, you can also edit a 3D model of an OBJ file.

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For editing, this software offers multiple tool sections namely ToolsCreatePhysicsand Grease Pencil. Once the editing is done, you can render the model to get a smooth and high-quality output of the model. Using it, you can make some visual changes on an OBJ file model, but you will not be able to completely edit the whole model.

In general, it is not an ideal software to edit OBJ models due to lack of proper editing tools. However, if you only want to make outer changes on an OBJ file model then go for this software.

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